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Get Free CS:GO Skins


CS:GO skins are cool artworks on knives or guns in the popular shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Usually good looking CS:GO skins are expensive, but we will show you a way how you can basically get them for free.

How can I get free Skins for CS:GO? offers the easiest ways to earn free CS:GO skins. You can choose whatever task you like and you will get your coins right after you have successfully completed the task. When you have earned enough coins, you can exchange them for many cool things in our shop: If you want to withdraw real money, you can withdraw using PayPal or Cryptocurrencies. Most of our users prefer CS:GO skins, you can withdraw skins instantly, we have lots of cool ones in stock! Knives, AKs, AWPs, we have them all. However, if you don't play CS:GO we also offer gift cards for Fortnite, Roblox and League of Legends. We also got you covered if you want Playstation, XBox, Amazon, Steam, Nintendo, Apple, Google or Spotify gift cards. It is your choice if you would like to withdraw a 5$, 10$, 25$ or 50$ gift card.

Complete Surveys

Completing surveys is one of the easiest and most used tasks available. We offer you a variety of survey providers that pay you to take a survey. Those survey providers use the results to do important market research, which is why they can pay you for completing surveys. Freecash enables you to exchange your survey earnings for free skins for CS:GO. You don't need anything besides an internet connection and a device to access to complete these surveys. You also don't need any knowledge, the questions are easy ones about your life, like "How old are you?" or "Would you buy this product?".

Download Apps and Mobile Games

This is especially interesting for people that love to play mobile games: You can earn free CS:GO skins by downloading Apps to your smartphone or tablet. Some mobile game developers would like to have more players, so they pay you to play their games! has many offers available, where you just have to download a game to your phone, reach a certain level and get lots of free coins. Some games require you to reach a certain level within a short time, so make sure you have enough time to play the game before you start the task! If you don't finish the task in the given timeframe, you will not get your coins. Some mobile games reward you with enough coins to withdraw a Covert (red rarity) AK skin for free! Make sure you follow the instructions on to get your CS:GO skins. There are also some other Apps that you can download to earn coins, like VPNs, streaming apps or social networks. For a full overview, check out our "Earn" page.

Play Games

Of course, we also have many cool tasks ready for PC users, that don't want to use their smartphone. You can play browser games or download PC games to earn coins. This is one of the best ways to earn free CS:GO skins but most of the time the offers are taken within minutes. Therefore you should check out daily to have a good chance to get one of these tasks. The PC games have similar requirements as the mobile games. Some games only require you to download them, other games want you to reach a certain level within a timeframe. Freecash will always show you all the requirements before you start the task so you can decide if you want to do it or not. If a task seems too hard to do, just pick another one that you can do easier.

Why is the best site for earning skins

There are so many reasons why is the best earning site, we are just going to mention some of them here:

  • Instant CS:GO skin withdraw
  • 6 high-quality offerwalls and 3 survey providers
  • Super easy to use, start earning instantly
  • Steam and Google for quick Login
  • High payout, we pay more for the same task than most other sites
  • Leaderboard to reward the top earners (10$ for daily and 100$ for monthly leader)
  • Over 400,000$ earned by our users, 13$ daily average earnings per user
  • 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, over 1000 reviews
  • 24/7 Live support always there to help you
  • Featured offers displaying the highest paying offers
  • Trusted by thousands of daily users
  • No hidden fees, 1000 coins is 1$, no withdraw fees

What are you waiting for? Earn Free CS:GO Skins now, only on! Just follow the instructions below and start earning coins to withdraw free CS:Go Skins!

Free CS:GO Skins Description

Login through our site

To earn free CS:GO skins, you first need to make an account on our website.
This can be done by simply logging in with Google or Steam
and accepting the terms of service.

Free CS:GO Skins Description

Complete offers to earn coins

Now you can open the Earn Page and complete offers.
We recommend the offers at the top of the page.
For some offers, you need to test out games and reach a certain level in order to get credited.
Below the featured offers you can find a variety of other offers and surveys that will give you additional coins.

Free CS:GO Description

Withdraw CS:GO Skins for free

After you have earned some coins you can click on "Shop".
You can now enter your steam tradeurl and select one or more CS:GO Skin(s) that you would like to receive.
Our marketplace includes thousands of different CS:GO Skins that you can choose from!

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