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December 24, 2022

Best Stunts in GTA of All Time - Our Top Picks

If you want to know what the GTA best stunts are, here you will find everything you need to know about jumps in the GTA franchise.

In the Grand Theft Auto V world, you can do almost whatever you wish for, from spending time at Diamonds Casino & Resort, making a wishlist, lounging at the LS Car Meet, building a business empire, or even passing your Flight School Exam. There are plenty of options. And stunt jumping is perhaps the most interesting activity for many players.

For example, in the State of San Andreas in GTA V, there are 50 set jumps for you to undertake with cars, motorcycles, etc. Players should know that during Mission Replays, stunt jumps are not recorded even though the completion graphic appears at the moment.

List of Best GTA V Stunts

Stunt jumps have always been 50 in number since the first time they were introduced in GTA 3, and that number hasn’t changed till GTA 5 and GTA Online. It is worth mentioning that there are many other apparent ramps and jump setups throughout the map that don’t count toward the designated stunt jumps.

If you need a map of all the locations for stunt jumps, you can find it on the Junk Energy Drink website under the tab "Adrenaline Junkies." You can also find locations for Fly Unders and Base Jumps in the same tab. Below is the list of the best locations in GTA V for stunt jumps and each landing requirement.

Stunt DescriptionAreaStunt Landing requirements
On the right side of the entrance to the airport, which is located on the east, you will find the trash container.LSIA areaWhat you need to do in this jump is clear the fence and land past the gates while avoiding any parked cars. Keep in mind that you could attract a three-star wanted level with this jump.
Weeny Issi ramp which is known as “The Prepare for Takeoff”; you can find it on New Empire Way, on the east northbound side of the cityLSIA areaParking lot or road in this jump
On the New Empire Way, you will find the Weeny Issi ramp, which is located on the west side, southboundLSIA areaThere is a western parking building, and your mission here is to successfully land on the top of it.
On the south of the Dutch London Street Bridge, there is Los Santos State Gas Company, where you should look for a broken wall, which is located westboundBanning areaLook for the eastern side of the Storm Drains. You should land on top of the dirt bank in this jump.
You need to go to Chum Street, where you search for a dirt pile on the south of the bridge; eastboundElysian Island areaYour mission is to land on Chum Street in this jump
Trailer ramp, northbound; in this stunt jump you need to go over water, look for the edge of the dock, easily spottable as it is located west of Signal StreetElysian IslandLand between the cranes on the opposite dock in this jump
Trailer ramp, northbound; your goal is to go west of Signal StreetElysian IslandYou need to land on Signal Street in this jump 
Trailer ramp, southbound; you need to look for a southwest corner of Berth 57 building, that lies in Signal StreetElysian IslandThis jump requires landing on the Berth 58-59-60 building roof.
Northbound; trailer ramp is located on the southeast corner of the Berth 57 building, just look for it on Signal StreetElysian IslandYou need successfully land on the Berth 57 building roof on this jump
Trailer ramp, southbound; you need to look for the dock edge, which is located on the west side of the Berth 60 building. If it helps, it is close to Walker Logistics.Elysian IslandYou should land on the Berth 58-59-60 building roof in this jump 
Northbound; Look for a trailer ramp, which is located on the east side of Voodoo Place, it is easy to spotElysian IslandIn this jump you should get close to the petrol silos
Eastbound; trailer ramp, which located near Bristol's Coke Storage, go north of Elysian Fields Freeway, you should find it as it is parallel to the rail bridgeElysian IslandIn this jump you need to go over the water to the gas storage.

If your goal is to achieve 100 percent completion in GTA V, you need to complete 25 out of the 50 jumps, but for the "Show Off" Achievement/Trophy, you must complete all of the jumps in a game.

GTA V Jump Stunt

Keep in mind that you can unlock specific vehicle customizations by completing stunt jumps in GTA Online.

GTA Vice City Best Jumps

First Ramp by the Marina

Early in the game, the first two jumps are located on the marina, where you take missions from Juan Cortez. Your task in this stunt jump is to drive onto the concrete docks, where you will find wooden ramps at the edge of the ports.  For this stunt jump, you will need a fast enough car, because the trip is short and you need a lot of speed for it.

Second Ramp by the Marina

This ramp is right after the first one. You could easily end up in the water, so be careful. The trick, though, is to land for at least a bit, then even if you fall into the water, the jump will show as completed.

The Stairs

These two jumps come one right after the other.  You should go close to the Pay 'n' Spray and search for a flight of stairs on the right side. Use the stairs as a ramp and try to maintain enough air so that you can reach the roof.

On The Pink Roof

Right after the last jump, you should try to keep the momentum and go off the next ramp, which is in front of you. To complete the jump, you need to land on the grass.

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GTA San Andreas Best Stunts

Idlewood Jump

Go to the gym and clothing store, which is located near CJ’s house and from there, go south. Follow the road from there until you reach the bridge. There, you can use the rounded pillar as a ramp.

Ocean Dock Jump

Head to the bridge on the easternmost side of the Ocean Docks country. The bridge has green support pillars so that way you can find it. When you look at the right side of the bridge, you will find a pile of dirt enclosed by a wooden fence. Use the dirt as a ramp, and to complete the jump, you have to clear the freeway and land on the warehouse's roof.


Go to the beach south of Angel Pine. There is a dune located on the eastern side of the beach. That dune is a ramp in this stunt jump.

Mount Chiliad

Go to Mount Chiliad, and there you need to find the patch of grass, which is located near the Angel Pine on the minimap. Then follow the grassy path, and you will find the wooden ramp. You need to use the ramp to land on the below grass so you can complete this stunt jump.

10 Best Bikes for Stunts in GTA V

Due to the high speed of the motorcycles, size, and ease of control, these vehicles are great for stunt jumps and “flying” in the air. Some of the stunt jumps are almost impossible to do without them. There is one thing extremely beneficial for these stunt jumps, and that is Franklin Clinton's Special Ability.

In GTA Online, however, there is added risk as you could destroy a personal vehicle, such as a car or a motorcycle, during some of the stunt jumps, especially those on water, if failed in GTA Online.

GTA V Jump Stunt

Some vehicles can't be used to register stunt jumps, such as the Toreador with its rocket boost. Below is the list of the best bikes for stunts in Grand Theft Auto V.

Sanchez ($8,000)It is just perfect for off-road races and stunt biking because it has nimble suspension, high ground clearance, and low weight.
Nemesis ($12,000)Nemesis has a narrow cornering grip without being too sensitive, and it is easy to drive.
Carbon RS ($40,000)Carbon RS is lightweight and with a short wheelbase. It is surprisingly agile and capable of both wheelies and stoppies with ease.
Oppressor Mk II ($3,890,250)Oppressor Mk II is a flying bouncing bike that can shoot missiles, a cool way to complete a stunt.
Bati 801 ($15,000)Bati 801 is a very steady and nimble motorcycle because it has great speed, acceleration, and good handling, so with it, you can complete a stunt easily.
Bati 801RR ($15,000)Bati 801RR is simply a perfect choice for a stunt in GTA, with its high speed you can complete it fairly easily.
Shinobi ($2,480,500)Shinobi has high speed, acceleration, and traction, so it is perfect for doing all kinds of stunts. Particularly, wheelies and far-reaching, high-flying stunt jumps. It is simple to operate in the air in GTA.
Ruffian ($9,000)Its design reminds us of the Ducati Monster. The Ruffian's primary body is mostly black, with a black frame. It is considered one of the fastest bikes in GTA. The Ruffian has fast acceleration and a solid top speed. It is a safe and relatively cheap stunt bike.
Scout ($225,000)The Scout is shown as a utility variation of the standard Sanchez. Its off-road performance is extraordinary and Scout has responsive handling and good speed. It is good for races with plenty of turns and rough terrain in GTA.
Hakuchou ($82,000)One of the defining characteristics of Hakuchou is its top speed, while its handling is its biggest flaw. This bike in GTA can take high and low stunt jumps easily.
GTA V Jump Stunt

Monster Stunts: List of the 10 Best Ones in GTA V

When it comes to the stunts in GTA, you pick the best Franklin because of his special ability, which is very helpful for some of the tricks.  Note that you should save the game before every stunt in GTA. That way, you can reload after a failed attempt and try the stunt again. 

GTA V Jump Stunt

Try to always land on the tires and jump in without touching anything when doing a stunt in GTA V. Below is the list of the 10 best monster stunts in GTA V.

Stair to the Pillbox HillGrab a motorcycle for this stunt because even with a fast car, it will be challenging through the narrow gap. Start from the sidewalk's edge and continue driving on the gap, landing on Strawberry Avenue. Try not to touch a palm pot.
Airport-StuntHere, you have a huge ramp for the stunt. A sports car is the best choice here, so maneuver it on the red car. You need to jump from the ramp to the left and land on all four wheels to do this stunt in the game.
Little SeoulIt is on a highway, so grab the motorcycle over the ramp so that you can land safely on the driveway below.
Pagoda in Little SeoulAdvice is to try to jump the bike through the pagoda, where a ramp is located in the game.
Del Perro FreewayIn Del Perro Freeway, you should try your best to press neatly on the accelerator pedal, so your pick should be a fast car. Go to the grass on the hill and try to land on the other side of the Highway, to crash into a car.
Lighthouse, El GordoThis stunt in GTA requires a lot of calls because your goal is to jump on the lighthouse island. The probability of your vehicle falling into the water is high, though.
Golf CourseHere, you go to the Golf course, which is why many players pick a Caddy to use.
Channel in La PuertaIn this Stunt, you should grab a quick vehicle, too. The advantage of this stunt in GTA is that there are a lot of start-ups. The goal is to land on the helipad and jump tracks, you have to cross a road and a parking lot, without touching anything.
Ramp in the Port ChannelYour start point is below the Flyover, which is why you should grab a sport bike for this stunt. You start below the Flyover. That’s why you have to properly give it full throttle to jump from there to the other side.
Arcade Building in Rockford HillsIf you want the easiest way to do this stunt, grab a quick motorcycle to drive at full speed through the building, on a higher ledge. From there, you should jump in the direction of South Rockford Drive in GTA.

Some stunt jumps in GTA require traveling a certain distance so that the landing within a designated (unmarked) zone can be considered successful. With other stunts, you need to land the jump with your car or motorcycle. GTA V, just like any other GTA game, is full of fun, and stunts are an important part of it.



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