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November 25, 2022

An Inside Look at the Voice Actors Behind League of Legends

Here we’ll check out all of the League of Legends voice actors cast that bring all characters in the game to life for you!

What brings the characters life of the champions in League of Legends are the voice actors. And as of right now, there are currently 163 League of Legends champions, meaning there are well over 160 voice actors, including special voice-over effects for skins, different languages, and such.

So here we’ll check out 5 iconic champions with some facts about their compelling voice actors alongside all of the English voice actors for League of Legends champions!

Iconic League of Legends Champion Voice Actors


One of the most iconic and nerve-racking champions in League of Legends has to be Teemo. And the thing about him is that Riot Games withheld the information for the original voice actor due to their own personal reasons. 

Teemo - Melissa Hutchison

What we know now is Melissa Hutchison is the voice actor behind some Teemo skins like the Omega Squad and Space Groove. But even if a player makes you angry playing Teemo with one of these skins, don’t share hate for the voice actor. Instead, share the love for how well Teemo’s character is portrayed!


Another iconic champion that gets players angry, especially in low ranks, is Yasuo with the voice actor behind him is Liam O'Brien. If you’re a fan of anime, then you’ll instantly lose any hate over Yasuo and the voice actor, as Liam O’Brien has honorable performances like in Naruto as Gaara and Bleach as Jushiro Ukitake!

Yasuo -  Liam O'Brien

Though if you’re not a fan of anime, that’s okay as well because Liam O’Brien has voice-acted in many other video games as well. These include voice lines in GTA V, Mad Max, Fallout 76, and a lot more.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin has remained a stable Jungle champion for hitting clips in League of Legends, and the current voice actor behind him is Feodor Chin. The interesting fact here is that Lee Sin actually had a voice actor change, with the original one being Vic Mignogna. 

Lee Sin - Feodor Chin

Because of allegations against Vic Mignogna, the voice acting cast got changed, and Lee Sin got Feodor Chin behind him. And you may find Feodor Chin’s voice familiar, as he has voiced Zenyatta in Overwatch


Jinx as a champion had a lot of popularity but gained even more with the release of the Arcane series. So the voice actor for Jinx in the game is Sarah Anne Williams, while in the Arcane series, she was voiced by Ella Purnell!

Jinx - Sarah Anne Williams

Some fans got confused, thinking the voice actor was the same between the series and League of Legends, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. As for Sarah Williams, you may recognize her voice in games like Street Fighter 5 as Santamu, and in anime like Hunter × Hunter as Neferpitou.

Rammus and Blitzcrank

Lastly, one of the most iconic voice lines in League of Legends comes from Rammus, and they’re provided by Duncan Watt. And all Rammus says in the game is “OK” and a bunch of grunting noises! And that’s what has embedded Duncan Watt as a legendary voice actor in League of Legends.

Duncan Watt - Rammus

Although Duncan Watt voices Rammus, he’s also a voice actor for Blitzcrank. This is nothing different for Riot Games, as they’ve had one actor for multiple champions, which we’ll check out below. 

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All League of Legends Voice Actors for Champions

With their voice lines, the iconic champions above have definitely left a trace in the community. But there are a lot more, so below we’ll see the rest of the known full cast of champion voice actors for League of Legends in alphabetical order:

ChampionVoice Actor
AatroxRamon Tikaram
AhriLaura Post
AkaliKrizia Bajos
AkshanSunil Malhotra
AlistarHarlan Hogan
Ammumu and AnnieCristina Milizia
ApheliosRiot Sound Designer for Champion, and Tania Gunadi for Alune
AsheMelissa Hutchison
Aurelion SolNeil Kaplan
AzirTravis Willingham
BardSounds created by by Riot "Utora" and Sebastien "Chemicalseb" Najand
Bel’VethAnoush NeVart
BraumJB Blanc
CaitlynKirsten Potter
CamilleEmily O'Brien
CassiopeiaKaren Strassman
CorkiVoice Actor only known as “Ralph”
DariusChuck Kourouklis
DianaNicole Oliver
Dr. MundoArmen Taylor
DravenErik Braa
EkkoAntony Del Rio
EliseSydney Rainin-Smith
EvelynnMara Junot
EzrealDaniel Amerman
FiddlesticksKellen Goff
FioraKaren Strassman
FizzPhilece Sampler
GalioJosh Petersdorf
GangplankMatthew Mercer
GarenJamieson Price
GnarMini Version: Dorothy Fahn
Mega Version: Lucien Dodge
GragasJ.S. Gilbert
GravesKyle Hebert
GwenAbby Trott
HecarimScott McNeil
HeimerdingerDennis Collins Johnson
IllaoiRolonda Watts
IreliaCherami Leigh
IvernDavid Lodge
JannaErin Fitzgerald
Jarvan IVKyle Hebert
JaxErik Braa
JayceTrevor Devall
JhinQuinton Flynn
Kai’saNatasha Loring
KalistaMisty Lee
KarmaRashida Clendening
KassadinAdam Harrington
KatarinaTara Platt
KayleZehra Fazal
KaynChampion: Robbie Daymond
Rhaast: Sam A. Mowry 
KennenPhilece Sampler
KindredLamb: Marcella Lentz-Pope
Wolf: Matthew Mercer
KledSpike Spencer
Kog’MawPatrick Seitz
K’SanteDeObia Oparei
LeBlancCarrie Keranen
LeonaWendee Lee
LilliaHolly Earl
LissandraTess Masters
LucianPatrick Seitz and TJ Storm
LuluFaye Mata
LuxCarrie Keranen
MalzaharVic Mignogna
MaokaiJay Preston
Master YiMicha Berman
Miss FortunePrevious unknown, current speculated to be Laura Bailey
MordekaiserFred Tatasciore
MorganaErica Lindbeck
NamiCassandra Lee Morris
NasusErik Todd Dellums
NeekoFlora Paulita
NidaleeKelly Fosdahl Burge
NilahSandra Saad
NocturneJason Wishnov
Nunu and WillumpNunu: Lucas Jaye
Willump: Generated
OriannaHeath Pennington
OrnnMatthew Waterson
PantheonGeorge Georgiou
PoppyKate Higgins
PykeDarien Sills-Evans
QiyanaMontse Hernandez
QuinnLauren Mayhew
RakanRonan Summers
RellLaya DeLeon Hayes
RenataDebra Wilson
RenektonPatrick Seitz
RengarJason Simpson
RivenCristina Valenzuela
RumbleAri Rubin
RyzeDave B. Mitchell
SamiraEmily O'Brien
SejuaniNicki Burke
SennaCynthia Kaye McWilliams
SeraphineMichele Panu
SettXander Mobus
ShacoAdam Harrington
ShenKeith Silverstein
ShyvanaKaren Strassman
SionScott McNeil
SivirAlexa Kahn
SkarnerDavid Lodge
SonaErin Fitzgerald
SorakaLisa Lindsley
SwainJames Faulkner
SylasFergus O'Donnell
Tahm KenchPat Duke
TaliyahErica Lindbeck
TalonTravis Willingham
TaricYuri Lowenthal
ThreshMark Oliver
TristanaElspeth Eastman
TrundleJoshua Tomar
TryndamereBrian Sommer
Twisted FateOwen Thomas
TwitchDoug Boyd
UdyrSean Rohani
UrgotPaul M. Guyet
VarusGavin Hammon
VayneNika Futterman, further some skins would be voiced by Alexa Kahn
VeigarBob Beal
VexJeannie Tirado
Vel’KozErik Braa
ViCia Court
ViegoSean Teale
ViktorOwen Thomas
VladimirKevin M. Connolly
VolibearDavid Sobolov
WukongSpike Spencer
XayahLaila Pyne
XerathMichael McConnohie
Xin ZhaoRichard Epcar
YoneNoshir Dalal
YorickDaniel Riordan
YuumiCassandra Lee Morris
ZedDonny Lucas
ZeriVanille Velasquez
ZiggsAlessandro Juliani
ZoeErica Lindbeck
ZyraKaren Strassman



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