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December 12, 2022

From Rare Skins to Exclusive Knives: Best Cases in CS:GO

Counter-Strike has a considerable number of cases. This article will show you the 15 best cases to open in 2022.

Since the first introduction of skins, Valve has released dozens of cases containing lots of skins. Considering how saturated the skin cases are, finding ones worth buying and opening can take a lot of work, especially because of the volatility of prices, making it even worse for the newbies. Luckily for you, we’ll go over the 15 best cases in CSGO and reveal their content, so stick around if you're curious about our choice.

Clutch Case

The Clutch Case dropped in February 2018 and remains popular among the players. Though it doesn’t contain the most expensive skins, it has a few good ones. 

Skins such as the M4A4 Neo-Noir and the USP-S Cortex can fetch an excellent price on the market, especially in their StatTrak variants. The USP-S Skin is among the most popular gun skins in the entire game, and you will rarely go through a match without seeing at least one. The Clutch Case costs $0.32 on the Steam Market, but it commonly drops at the end of matches. 

Aside from the two mentioned skins, the Clutch Case also includes the following: 

Clutch Case list of weapons

Recoil Case

The Recoil Case is one of the latest cases featured in CS:GO. It contains some beautifully designed skins, which can also fetch quite a price. The USP-S Prinstream and the AWP Chromatic Aberration are just some of this Case’s highlights. The most expensive variants of these three can fetch up to $150. 

The Case has been dropping in price on the Steam community market and can be obtained for $0.72 as of right now, making it worth a shot. 

Other than the ones named above, the Recoil Case also includes: 

Recoil Case weapons

CS20 Case

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Counter-Strike, Valve didn’t do what you’d expect from your usual game developer. Some may include extensive updates to pay homage to the game’s decades-long history; others may have done a massive community event. Valve did as Valve does best: they released a weapon case. Yep, that’s how things are these days. 

The CS20 Case, though an insult to the player base, isn’t half bad regarding its contents. The famous and much sought-after AWP Wildfire is here, as well as some other nice skins that all pay respects to the various important parts of Counter-Strike history. One such Skin would be the Glock-18 | Sacrifice, representing Olofmeister’s heroic, flaming defuse on Overpass. The CS20 Case is $0.18 on the Steam Market, which is as low as possible. 

Other than the mentioned skins, the CS20 Case also includes:

CS20 Case weapons

Operation Riptide Case

Released in September 2021, the Operation Riptide Case contains some of the most vibrant and exotic-looking skins ever. Skins such as the AK-47 Leet Museo and the Deagle Ocean Drive are beautiful, colorful, and too pleasant on the eye. Having them in your hands would undoubtedly improve your performance in CSGO

Naturally, with the exotic skins comes the exotic case price: $1.75 for a single case. As it costs nearly as much as a key, we’d skip it. Prices are bound to drop, as they always do, and you may even get it for free after a match. 

Aside from the ones we’ve mentioned, the Case also includes the following: 

Operation Riptide Case weapons

Spectrum 2 Case

The Spectrum 2 Case hit the shelves in September 2017 and is one of the most prized Cases in all of CSGO. Why? Well, this Case contains this one item that everyone and their grandmother would like to own: AK-47 The Empress. This Skin is highly valued, and its StatTrak variant goes for up to $250. An insane price to pay for a single skin, but its beautiful design justifies it. 

The Spectrum 2 Case goes for about $0.63, a low price for a chance to win some amazing Skins. Aside from the AK, there are many other skins in there, such as: 

Spectrum 2 Case weapon skins

Chroma 3 Case

Chroma 3 came to the CSGO market in April 2016. It features some adorable skins, the best of which is undoubtedly the M4A1-S Chantico’s Fire. Its gold and black accents and beautiful design carry the entire Case. There’s also some other stuff, such as the P250 Asiimov, which is one of many CSGO Asiimov skins. 

The Chroma 3 Case costs $0.63 on the Steam Market, which isn’t that much considering what the Case contains. Apart from the two skins above, the Chroma 3 case includes the following: 

Chroma 3 Case weapons

Spectrum Case

The Spectrum Case is Spectrum 2’s older brother, which hit the market in March 2017. Not only is it the older brother, but it’s also the better one, as this Case contains some of the most valuable skins in the game. Skins such as the prized AK-47 Bloodsport, USP-S Neo-Noir, and the M4A1-S Decimator all fetch high prices and are wanted by just about anyone. 

The AK-47 Bloodsport can easily fetch a price of over $200, and there’s not a single player who wouldn’t want it enriching their inventory. The Spectrum Case will set you back $0.97; a high price, but entirely worth it. 

Other than these mentioned skins, the Spectrum Case also features: 

Spectrum Case weapons

Operation Broken Fang Case

There are many reasons people get excited about each new operation. One of the biggest reasons is certainly new skin/case releases. The Operation Broken Fang Case contains some beautiful skins featuring many different designs. Skins such as the USP-S Monster Mashup and the M4A1-S Printstream are highly valued and look downright amazing. 

The Case, however, is a bit expensive, sitting at a whopping $1.96. It costs almost as much as a case key, and we wouldn’t say it’s worth that much. However, the skins it features warrant its inclusion on this list. 

Aside from the two weapon skins above, the case features: 

Operation Broken Fang Case weapons

Operation Breakout Weapon Case

Operation Breakout came in July of 2014, and the Case followed. This is one of the oldest Cases featured on this list, but it also contains some of the most popular Skins to date. Glock-18 Water Elemental often features in matches as players love equipping it. In this Case, a cheap skin is a Deagle Conspiracy; a low-budget option for those wanting to pimp up their Deagles. 

The M4A1-S Cyrex also features here and is among the most valuable skins for the M4A1-S. There’s also a Butterfly Knife hiding somewhere in there, but don’t get your hopes up too much. The Case costs an insane $3.88, due to its rarity and age. You can get almost two keys for this price, and we suggest you do so. However, giving it a try if you get a drop is a must. 

This Case also features these skins: 

Operation Breakout Weapon Case weapons

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Glove Case

The Glove Case was a significant change in the Case structure. Whereas Cases featured Knives as the exceedingly rare item, fetching obscenely high prices, in this Case, you could obtain a Glove skin. They were a majestic addition to the game’s fashion library and, naturally, reached incredibly high prices. 

The Glove Case featured other nice-looking Skins, like the M4A4 Buzz Kill. The Glove Case costs $3.16, a bit high for our taste. However, you can get it to drop for free at the end of a match if you’re lucky. 

You can also expect to see these weapon skins: 

Glove Case weapon skins

Chroma 2 Case

The Chroma 2 Case dropped in 2015 and included many colorful and popular weapon Skins. One such Skin is the M4A1-S Hyper Beast, a Skin so popular that it fetches prices of up to $400! Yes, you’ve read that right. Four hundred dollars for a single skin. Now that’s what I call worth and value. 

You can purchase the Chroma 2 Case for $0.75, but it commonly drops at the end of a match. Considering how much money you can make with some luck, we’d say it’s well worth the price. 

Aside from the M4A1 Skin, the Case features: 

Chroma 2 Case weapon skins

Gamma Case

The Gamma Case is famous for containing Skins that almost every player has in the inventory. Most of these Skins are cheap and obtainable for next to nothing on the Steam Market. However, the Case also features expensive and highly valued skins, such as the M4A4 Desolate Space. 

Most of you will have owned one Gamma Skin at some point. The Gamma Case costs $0.78, a bit high considering how cheap most of its skins are. However, for a chance to get something nice, it might be worth a shot. 

The Gamma Case also includes: 

Gamma Case weapon skins

Operation Hydra Case

Released in May of 2017, the Operation Hydra Case is excellent. This Case contains some of the best and most expensive weapon skins in Counter-Strike. As a matter of fact, it’s filled to the brim with them. It features magnificent skins such as the AWP | Oni Taiji, M4A4 Hellfire, and Five-SeveN Hyper Beast. The AWP Oni Taiji can reach up to $1000 on the Steam Market. 

The Operation Hydra Case costs an unprecedented $15.53. For this much money, you could open several cases. However, considering the contents of the Case, this exotic high price is somewhat understandable. 

Apart from these named skins, this Case also features: 

Operation Hydra Case weapon skins

Prisma Case

The Prisma Case is a beautiful rack of skins that contains the CT counterpart to ‘The Empress’ we mentioned above in the Spectrum 2 Case. Of course, we mean the M4A4 The Emperor, a fantastic Skin that carries this entire Case. Apart from it, there is a whole spectrum of colorful weapon skins in the Case.  This Case will set you back about $0.16, which is dirt cheap. 

Other skins included in the Case are: 

Prisma Case weapons

Shadow Case

Last but not least, we have the beloved Shadow Case, which probably contains the best Skins on this list; hence its top position. Counter-Strike Skins are many, but few rival the quality of USP-S Kill Confirmed and the AK-47 Frontside Misty. These two Skins, especially the former, are so popular that almost no game will go through without them being present. 

Despite their high prices, players keep purchasing them and opening the Shadow Case for a chance to win either of them. There’s also the M4A1-S Golden Coil, a beautiful black and gold Skin that also sees high demand. The Shadow Case costs $0.32, which isn’t much considering what lies in wait. 

Other than these skins, the Shadow Case also has: 

Shadow Case weapon skins

Counter-Strike features an incredible amount of skins and cases that hold them. Among these, it isn't easy to pick and choose the best. Prices are volatile, and contents are often underwhelming. The 15 Cases above are some of the best available at the moment and will ensure you at least get something out of each opening. 



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