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November 29, 2022

Dominate the Game: The Best ADCs to Play in League of Legends

Winning at League of Legends requires knowing who the best ADCs are and how to play them. Find out who they are on our list.

League of Legends has an expansive roster of champions to choose from, each character fitting a specific role in the team fights of the game. The team play aspect in League is very important in actually winning matches and progressing in the game. Therefore, characters should be chosen with the utmost care. More than 50% of your progress in League will depend upon knowing the type of enemy champions you are fighting against.

With over 160 champions to choose from, there are a lot of roles that need to be fulfilled. Roles such as Top Lane, Mid lane, Jungler, etc., need a lot of attention in order to select the best possible option. Similarly, you’ll have to cautiously pick ADC champions that best suit your strategy and gameplay and counter the enemy team.


A truly powerful bottom laner, Tristana is still as effective as ever as an AD carry. Her playstyle is aggressive and very well-balanced for this category. Ever since her Rapid Fire attack got a speed buff in an earlier patch, she has been acquiring some excellent numbers in the solo queue.

Tristana does have a relatively complex toolkit that might not be as useful if you don’t take the time to learn about it, but you’ll never be disappointed with her abilities. Her movement abilities, such as Explosive Charge, work exceptionally well against enemies, and she’s very effective against bottom laners.

Tristana - League of Legends

She doesn’t work too well if she gets too close to enemy towers because of jungle. Moreover, certain types of Disengage champions also prove to be a nightmare for her. 

This being said, Tristana has a significantly high DPS that can shatter the enemy bottom lane if you use her properly. She can be extremely dominant in the early game, especially if the enemy is not prepared for her.

Best ADC Build for Tristana

Tristana’s volatile and aggressive gameplay is ideally suited for her primary Domination rune tree. Her Rapid Fire attack speed, when combined with the perfect runes, will make her inflict insane amounts of damage in a relatively meager amount of time.

Runes such as Hail of Blades are perfect for Tristana, as it more than doubles her attack speed after she’s attacked an enemy champion three or more times. 

In addition to that, having Precision as your secondary rune tree can be extremely fruitful, provided you use the correct runes. The likes of Triumph and Legend: Bloodline will significantly increase your ADC’s ability to survive in battle.

As far as mythic items are concerned, Tristana seems to work best with the likes of Kraken Slayer, it exacerbates the champion’s DPS rating by a ton. Items such as Galeforce are also beneficial with Tristana.

Miss Fortune

Another mighty ADC with a good DPS rating, Miss Fortune, has been thriving in solo queue. Her teamplay is excellent, and she can absolutely dominate the early game if you know how to use her. Furthermore, her late-game scaling is also quite admirable.

One of the main things you will have to focus on with Miss Fortune is positioning. When properly positioned and engaged on the team, she can easily win fights by virtue of her powerful abilities. Her Ultimate is one of the most devastating things you can use in the game, it can throw off enemies in a manner that could be crucial to winning the match.

Miss Fortune - League of Legends

She does suffer in front of assassins and lacks in the self-peel department. Nonetheless, she excels in learning due to her strong laning abilities.

Best ADC Build for Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune’s basic attacks can easily build up damage bonuses and don’t require any additional attack speed perks. In this regard, Press the Attack has been known to work flawlessly with her, lending a ton of burst damage.

Runes such as Legend: Bloodline will be extremely effective with Miss Fortune as it can give a HP bonus after completion. Some of her inherent abilities also stack up very well with this rune. Moreover, using Domination as a secondary will grant her some bonus damage with her movement abilities. Her powerful Ultimate will work best alongside something like Ultimate Hunter.

As is the case with many other high-DPS champions, Kraken Slayer will work very well with Miss Fortune provided you take the time to learn how to use it.


A powerful AD Carry, Jhin has solidified its place as one of the more effective champions in the category. He has a balanced kit that can deal massive bursts of damage. His long-range abilities are also quite useful against enemy tanks.

Jhin - League of Legends

Jhin is the type of ADC that is more than capable of solo carry, provided that he’s used right. You’ll have to focus a lot on his positioning as he is a bit weak in the early game but scales well later on.

There is a notion that he’s very easy to catch, but with a bit of mechanical prowess, you will be able to evade most of the more unfavorable situations. All in all, if you can manage Jhin’s movement and position, especially in the early game, you will encounter a lot of success with this character.

Best ADC Build for Jhin

His auto attacks will play a crucial role in your gameplay with Jhin. His passive does make it difficult to use basic attacks repeatedly. He will need some time to reload the Head Canon. However, it would be best if you focused on critical strike attacks in order to build up movement speed.

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In this regard, Fleet Footwork will prove to be quite helpful as it will allow Jhin to stack up more energy while charging. Thus, making the attacks stronger, all the while healing Jhin in the process. Standard AD runes such as Legend: Bloodline will provide you with some much-needed lifesteal in team fights. While Runes such as Presence of Mind will help you regenerate the mana needed for abilities.

Galeforce is an excellent mythic item as you’re looking for something that will help increase critical strike chance and damage. Additionally, Eclipse also works very well with Jhin.


After a series of buffs, Kai’sa has come out as a highly effective ADC that has gained a lot of popularity in the League community. She’s easy to learn and is very mobile. Her late game is something to be in awe of, especially regarding versatility. 

Kai’Sa - League of Legends

Her auto attacks deal considerable damage, and her skillshot is also quite useful. In addition to that, Kai’Sa can be played like a proper assassin, and with the right amount of skill, she can be unstoppable. 

Her versatility really sets her apart, as she can manage hybrid AD/AP builds that can efficiently serve both purposes. You can really mold your entire build according to the team’s requirements. This will need a good bit of thinking, however.

Best Build for Kai’Sa

Kai’Sa can work well with runes like Hail of Blades as they can really bring out the assassin element in her. In addition to that, Ultimate Hunter will also provide some extra damage and buffs. 

The presence of Mind for mana regeneration is never bad for an ADC to build. Furthermore, Legend: Alacrity can be used to increase the attack speed. The Collector build with a good mythic such as Kraken Slayer can prove to be very useful with Kai’Sa in team fights.


ADC champions and the bot lane go especially well together. This fact is further substantiated by Jinx, who is a devastating force in the bot lane with an excellent late game. She can be terrifying when she reaches her power spike, demolishing enemies.

Jinx - League of Legends

Jinx is, without a shred of a doubt, one of the toughest hypercarries in the game. Moreover, her playstyle is very fun to watch and use in combat. Her auto attacks can pull you out of even some of the most difficult situations in the game. Her ability to switch between her rocket launcher and Fishbones attack makes her a formidable opponent to deal with.

With that being said, it is important to mention that Jinx has a relatively weak early game and if fallen behind, becomes extremely easy for enemies to take down. Nonetheless, if you take the time to get a grip on her abilities, you can reap the benefits in the late game.

Best ADC Build for Jinx

Runes like Lethal Tempo will benefit you greatly with regard to attack speed while dealing with enemy champions. Moreover, this rune will also increase the attack range once it's fully stacked. Some standard secondary runes, such as Coup de Grace, will make it relatively easy to deal with low-health enemies.

Moreover, Presence of Mind and Legend: Bloodline are great picks for mana regeneration and lifesteal, much-needed perks if you’re going for a full ADC build. Magical Footwear and Biscuit Delivery should solve some of her problems in the game's earlier stages.


At first glance, you might think that Seraphine isn’t really one of the ADC champions, but as of the latest statistics, she has proven to be one of the most dominant champions in the bot lane in the game.

She works quite well with almost any support character you could throw at her and her versatility makes her a good pick for many situations. Her DPS output increases greatly as you reach the late game, even though it is a bit lackluster in the beginning.

Seraphine - League of Legends

She can work really well with Tanks that are hard to scale in late game due to her healing abilities. Moreover, she isn’t really easy to kill in the early parts of the game due to her excellent self-peel. Seraphine is quite easy to learn and does not require a lot of effort to be played well initially. 

She does lack some range as she isn’t your usual marksmen-type ADC, but you can always complement that with some good ADC mid-laners. You can also pair her up with a good AD-focused champion in the bottom lane as well, but it is not recommended to keep Seraphine as your only ADC.

Best ADC Build for Seraphine

Runes such as Arcane Comet and Summon Aery work really well with Seraphine, so, you should definitely go for Sorcery with this champion. Both these runes will work to pressure your enemies in order to dominate lanes and provide some shielding effects. 

For Mana building, you can use Manaflow Band, as it will be highly beneficial to her in the late game. Additionally, secondary runes such as Inspiration will settle well with her. Runes like Biscuits are recommended to sustain mana. As far as mythic goes, she scales very well with items such as Liandry’s Anguish. Liandry’s will be an excellent option alongside the Archangel's staff.


A true one-size-fits-all ADC, Caitlyn is incredibly versatile and you’ll have to work pretty hard to get a bad match-up for her. She can manage to inflict massive amounts of damage from long-range and is incredibly dominant from ahead. Her self-peel is insanely better when compared to other ADC champions. 

Caitlyn - League of Legends

She might not be the absolute best with regard to solo queue as she is more inclined towards targeting singular enemies, picking them one by one. She lacks Area-of-Effect abilities and doesn’t fare exceptionally well in the attack speed department as well. 

It should be mentioned that her learning curve is quite steep and in order to make full use of her, you need to be well-versed in ADC combat mechanics and techniques. If used properly, she can efficiently win lanes and be very dominant.

Best ADC Build for Caitlyn

In addition to standard ADC runes such as Coup de Grace and Triumph for demolishing low-level enemies, runes such as Fleet Footwork can add that extra spice to make her gameplay more fruitful.  Legend: Bloodline should be used to gain some important late-game lifesteal. Moreover, secondary runes like Gathering Storm should be incorporated into her late-game in order to give her that powerful Sorcery scaling. 

A combination of the Infinity Edge Build alongside a mythic like Kraken Slayer will help Caitlyn fare well against tanky opponents. On the other hand, Galeforce will also work perfectly fine in most conditions.

What is an ADC?

Attack Damage Carry, or ADCs, serves a crucial role in the early game: Damaging the enemy champion from afar. They sit at the back and inflict consistent damage to the enemy while others, such as those in the Top Lane, tank most of the damage.

Hence, most of the ADC roster comprises marksmen-type champions with high attack speed. These characters have a lot of tricks like dashes or special effects that prevent them from taking a lot of damage all the while dealing a ton of it. In fact, some of the best ADC characters will inflict maximum damage while evading most of it in order to carry their team forward.

Nonetheless, many characters fall into this category and pinpointing the best of them might be daunting at times. That’s why we’ve done it for you. Our comprehensive list of the Best ADCs in the League will give you detailed information on some of the most effective champions in the category. 

Keep in mind that these rankings keep on changing as newer updates are released. League is well-known for its continuous meta-shifts that oftentimes result in characters cycling in and out of viability.

And with that, our list of the Best ADC Champions in League of Legends comes to an end. The list is compiled according to the latest patches and might change as subsequent patches are released. Nonetheless, many of the ADC champions we’ve added have held a strong standing in the community and very rarely fail to perform their given roles.


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