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March 25, 2022

Don't Waste Your Time Online: Use These Best GPT Websites to Earn Money

The Fastest Growing Get-paid-to website to make money online from anywhere. Making instant money by enrolling with GPT websites is fairly easy and straightforward.

Working 9-to-5 but still struggling to maintain a steady income? Why not opt for some effortless ways to make money no matter where you are today!

Whether you’re doing it to collect some nice side income or dipping your toes into money-making during college, GPT sites – short for Get-Paid-To websites – offer unbelievable ways to make quick bucks from trivial practices such as filling online surveys, completing tasks and even watching brief advertisements only! If you’re interested to know more, read on to find out about the thirteen (13) greatest GPT websites that you can start earning money from right now, including Freecash!

What are GPT Sites?

Essentially, GPT sites are legal online platforms that offer many different forms of small money-making work, such as filling up surveys, watching short advertisements, playing mini-games, or even reading emails!

This is a good incentive for sponsors to channel consumer traffic towards their products and services, rewarding you with quick cash for helping them to do so – maybe even impressing you enough to become one too!

After you’ve collected sufficient amounts of monetary rewards, they can either be directly transferred to your bank account via international payment services like PayPal, or converted into cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Other rewards may also come in the form of other currency – like Coins for Freecash – and these may be changed into other benefits such as gift cards (PlayStation, Netflix, etc.) or video game currency (Valorant Points, etc.).

Simply put, your efforts can be transformed into so many different types of rewards that you are literally missing out on by not registering today!

Try it out with Freecash right now, you won’t regret it!

How much do GPT Websites Pay?

The amount of money that GPT websites pay depends entirely on how much ‘work’ that you can do to earn a cumulative income.

For instance, the most basic survey in Freecash might award you as little as $0.10 (100 Coins) per completion, but if you are selected for the higher-paid surveys, you can actually be paid up to $10 (10,000 Coins) per survey!

Imagine if you dedicate your time to completing loads of surveys every single day; your total pay might actually sky-rocket exponentially!

Driven individuals actually do make some nice pocket money by enrolling with different GPT websites at the same time, seizing the opportunity to make multiple sources of easy income just by being paid to continuously complete various simple tasks.

You could see anywhere between $100 and $300 per month if you do this, so why not test it out with Freecash right away!

The Best 13 GPT Sites to Make Money Online

There are possibly dozens of different GPT sites out there already, so you would have your work cut out for you if you are trying to find out which ones pay more than the others.

Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you!

Here are the best thirteen GPT websites that you should already start making some fresh bucks from right now:

1. Freecash

  • Boasting streamlined layouts all throughout its website, Freecash provides amongst the easiest user experiences out there, and its catalogue of special sponsors offers many ways for you to start earning immediately.
Freecash Rewards
  • FYI, Freecash also lets you redeem valuable video game points/ currencies too, to buy awesome in-game items such as skins as well!

2. Survey Junkie

  • A purely survey-based GPT website, Survey Junkie’s name says it all.
  • Dedicated to offering loads of survey options for you to make money from, payments per surveys range from a few cents to a few dollars depending on the type of survey chosen.

3. Qmee

  • Mostly favouring shopping-goers, Qmee is all about rewarding you with exciting cashback and coupon options, besides PayPal conversion and gift cards too.
  • Supposedly, Qmee offers a few options for you to earn quick cash such as shopping for an item online, friend referrals and even item searches too.
  • However, completing surveys is the most active method for you to make profitable money right now, so keep that in mind.

4. Gamehag

  • Gamers can make some good cash by visiting Gamehag, rewarding you with Soul Gems just by playing games specified on their website!
  • Ideally, you earn these Soul Gems by completing certain game milestones, social quests and many more.
  • Once collected enough, you can then convert those Soul Gems into various forms of rewards like video game currencies, discounts, and even Visa gift cards too.

5. Cointiply

  • One of the most famous GPT sites out there, Cointiply offers tons of different ways for you to accumulate money on the fly!
  • Your options here are a lot, including sharing opinions, completing surveys, watching videos and more.
  • The rewards will be given in the form of Bitcoin, and you can then cash them out whenever you like.

6. Swagbucks

  • Another popular website, Swagbucks also offers surveys, games, videos and online coupons for you to participate in to collect Points which can then be used for different types of rewards.
  • You’re seeing potential options such as Amazon gift cards, Steam wallet currency, and even direct cash payouts through Payoneer, to name a few!

7. PrizeRebel

  • PrizeRebel exclusively offers surveys for you to complete in order to earn instant income, but the website’s portfolio of surveys is quite extensive, to say the least!
  • Most of the rewards that you get from PrizeRebel are loads of different gift cards that might interest you, especially if you’re a gamer!

8. MyPoints

  • MyPoints is a simple yet robust GPT site which shares hundreds of online surveys for you to complete in exchange for invaluable shopping gift cards and coupons.
  • Again, shopping enthusiasts will have a field day with MyPoints by simply filling up forms and questionnaires without further hassle!

9. DollarSprout

  • If you’re truly serious about making an income, DollarSprout is right up there amongst the best online sites for you to visit.
  • Not only does it offer unbelievable amounts of headache-free solutions to make instant bucks through online surveys, installing other GPT apps and buying stuff online, there are also many beneficial blog sections for you to read through that may provide insights on starting your own freelancing career or building a small business too!

10. ySense

  • ySense is also a long-time player within the GPT online scene, offering you various options of earning money by way of surveys, online shopping and referral programs.
  • The rewards usually range around Amazong gif cards, Steam gift cards and direct cash transfer, among others.

11. Gain.GG

  • Here at Gain.GG, you can watch advertisements, shop via online sponsors and complete dedicated surveys to make some reliable income from the web.
  • Like a few of the top selected GPT sites on this list, Gain.GG allows you to directly convert your Coins earned into cash via PayPal, transfer them over as cryptocurrency, or utilize them to buy special in-game item skins for CS:GO, DOTA and Team Fortress 2!

12. InboxDollars

  • InboxDollars is considered to be amongst the more stringent GPT websites out there due to certain requirements that have been put into place such as only US citizens are allowed to register, or a minimum of $10 - $15 total earnings must be accumulated first in order to cash out.
  • Still, if you’re lucky enough to be accepted into InboxDollars’ system, you can make some steady income through its selections of paid emails, filling up surveys, online shopping, watching videos and so much more!

13. Idle-Empire

  • If you’re looking for a GPT website that offers a huge range of rewards, Idle-Empire has that covered with explosive options to convert your earnings into cryptocurrency, or special gift cards for shopping and video games!
  • In fact, Idle-Empire arguably has the most video game gift cards within its catalogue on this list, and you do so by collecting Coins to be converted through an expansive selection of surveys, online videos, shopping offers, referral program and other tasks as well.

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For a better overview and comparison between all of the listed GPT sites, you can have a look at the table right here (updated for 2022):

GPT siteTrustpilot RatingKey FeaturesSign-Up BonusPayPal TransferCryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc)Minimum PayoutPayout Duration (depending on country)Eligibility
Freecash4.7- cash out options are diverse
- easy Coin accumulation
- free random chance to acquire instant cash up to $250YesYes$0.01Instant/ 24 hoursWorldwide
Survey Junkie4.4- mobile app is easy to use
- able to link payouts to charity
N/AYesNo$5Instant/ 24 hoursUSA, Australia, Canada
Qmee4.5- extremely simple survey catalogue
- very low payout minimum (can exchange for rewards instantly)
N/AYesNo$0.01Instant/ 24 hoursUSA, Canada, Australia, UK
Gamehag4.4- a haven for gamers to make money and acquire in-game currency/ skins
- Soul Gems (Gamehag Coins) are fairly simple to acquire
N/ANoNo$51-3 working daysWorldwide
Cointiply4.3- proven cryptocurrency conversions
- up to %5 interest to be earned upon reaching a specific threshold
N/ANoYes$31-2 working daysWorldwide
Swagbucks4.3- Amazon gift card fans would love it here
- trusted track record
N/AYesNo$11-10 working daysWorldwide
PrizeRebel3.9- hundreds of gift card options to choose from
- rewards range from a variety of different industries (gaming, fashion, etc.)
N/AYesNo$2Instant/ 24 hoursWorldwide
MyPoints4.4- dedicated for online shoppers
- huge array of gift cards for numerous brands and stores
$10 gift cardNoNo$51-10 working daysUSA, Canada
DollarSproutN/A- door to a plethora of different money-making ways via the Internet
- not your typical GPT website as it only links you to other affiliate sites (including other GPT sites)
N/A (certain sites offer bonuses if you were referred from DollarSprout)NoNoN/AN/AWorldwide
ySense4.1- among few GPT sites that offer gift cards for Reward Link, Skrill and Zalando (besides others)
- broad range of surveys and offers available
- awesome affiliate/ referral program
N/AYesNo$31-5 working daysWorldwide
Gain.GG4.2- sponsors are chosen carefully
- has good security and requirements to deter scams/ frauds
N/AYesYes$0.01Instant/ 24 hoursWorldwide (preferably USA, UK, Canada)
InboxDollars4.1- offers a broad range of ways to start earning
- some activities are quite fun and exciting
$5YesNo$301-2 working daysUSA
Idle-Empire4.7- site UI is possibly the best and easiest to use
- earning options are quite diverse and extensive
- also has a delightfully low payout minimum
Free 500 CreditsYesYes$0.05Instant/ 24 hoursWorldwide

Use these to make yourself familiar with the best GPT site that conforms to your preferences!

Top 13 GPT Sites Reviews

Our brief summary of the top GPT websites earlier should already provide good references for you to make an informed decision before enrolling with any of them.

However, if you require more explanation for each of these GPT sites, you can refer to our breakdowns down below:

1. Freecash

The first to be dissected is none other than Freecash itself!

Offering tremendous options for you to immediately collect Coins by way of paid surveys, online shopping and many more, Freecash doesn’t restrict itself from providing you with many different choices for rewards, namely various store gift cards, special cryptocurrency, and fun video game skins and in-game points!

Start Earning Now

Here’s a general look at how Freecash fares at the moment:

  • 🌎 Location: Worldwide
  • 🚻 Minimum age: 13 years old
  • 🌐 Platform: Online website, mobile app
  • 💰 Average earning potential: $1 - $3 per hour
  • ♻️ Ways to earn: Completing surveys, playing games, online shopping, watching advertisements
  • 💳 Payout options: Direct cash, cryptocurrencies, various gift cards, video game points and skins
  • 😊 Minimum payout: $0.01
  • 🚄 Average payment speed: Instant/ 24 hours
  • 🎁 Sign-up bonus: A Free Case which offers a random chance of obtaining cash between $0.05, $0.25, $2.50 and $250!

As can be seen, Freecash’s cash out options is quite numerous, and due to its leniency in awarding Coins, a dedicated grind can easily earn you some delicate income every single day.

When it comes to Freecash’s pros and cons, though:

✅ better cryptocurrency options than most other GPT sites❌ country location may restrict earning options
✅ plenty of video game gift cards and in-game currencies available as rewards❌ requires dedicated hard work to accumulate a profitable return every month
✅ coin generation is known to be quite generous❌ certain sponsored tasks and surveys are locked behind specific earning requirements
✅ unbelievably low minimum payout

Oh, and another thing; Freecash has promos to help you gain extra Coins when you opt for selected sponsors!

We told you that Freecash helps you earn income rather quickly, right?

Freecash customers have all been pleasantly satisfied with the features and options provided - proven by the high score on Trustpilot - with one saying:

“I cashed out for the first time a few days ago and I was shocked to see it took 10 minutes to hit my pay pal account. It was the best thing ever as I needed extra cash! Freecash has allowed me to do surveys and games at my leisure and get reward for it! It’s so easy to find something that is for you to do. When you’re really in a pinch and need a little cash this website is great to have as a backup plan. On your spare time fill out surveys and complete some tasks to get larger reward when need it the most.”

- Carlos Carvalho on TrustPilot

2. Survey Junkie

If you do not enjoy watching free advertisements or accessing unknown apps via mobile, then Survey Junkie is a good place for you to make income by completing premium surveys only.

There are hundreds of different surveys available within Survey Junkie’s database, and it also compensates you nicely when you try to complete your Account Profile which can help them to conveniently pair you up with the most matching surveys to date.

In essence, here are the general details surrounding Survey Junkie:

  • 🌎 Location: USA, Canada, Australia
  • 🚻 Minimum age: 13 years old
  • 🌐 Platform: Online website, mobile app
  • 💰 Average earning potential: $1 - $3 per hour
  • ♻️ Ways to earn: Surveys and referral programs
  • 💳 Payout options: Cash transfer, gift cards and charity
  • 😊 Minimum payout: $5
  • 🚄 Average payment speed: Instant/ 24 hours
  • 🎁 Sign-up bonus: N/A

Survey Junkie is a great GPT site but it does have its flaws:

✅ reputable and popular❌ country-locked
✅ earnings can be converted into donations❌ surveys only
✅ free Points for completing your own Profile❌ survey requirements may be annoying
✅ easy to learn

At the end of the day, every person has different preferences and eligibility, so if you’re only interested in making free cash by exclusively opting to do surveys, then Survey Junkie might be your best bet!

Let’s take a look at one of the site’s best reviews:

“Give it a chance. I tried years ago and it felt like I was disqualified more often than not. I gave it a second chance just this week and less than 7 days in I've already earned $45+ and have received it directly into my bank account through direct deposit. This is easily getting me by currently as I am unemployed. It can be daunting and time consuming, but if you have all day like myself you can make $5-10 in a day's worth of surveys.”

- Joshua Honea on TrustPilot

3. Qmee

Unlike most other GPT websites on the market, Qmee is amongst those that have a ridiculously low payout requirement, allowing you to quickly redeem your rewards the same day after registering!

Additionally, Qmee offers abundant choices when it comes to its survey section and cashback options, making it unsurprisingly popular with its Western audiences.

Qmee’s general summary is as per:

  • 🌎 Location: USA, Canada, Australia, UK
  • 🚻 Minimum age: 16 years old
  • 🌐 Platform: Online website, mobile app
  • 💰 Average earning potential: $1 - $2 per hour
  • ♻️ Ways to earn: Surveys, shopping cashbacks, web browsing, gaming
  • 💳 Payout options:  Cash, special gift cards
  • 😊 Minimum payout: $0.01 - $5
  • 🚄 Average payment speed: Instant/ 24 hours
  • 🎁 Sign-up bonus: N/A

On another note, Qmee also has a browser extension that will notify you of any potential cashback opportunities whenever you’re doing some online shopping, so that’s a great bonus to have as well!


✅ astoundingly low minimum payout ❌ on the lower earning spectrum  
✅ fast payouts❌ could do with some optimizations and UI refresh
✅ survey qualifications are rather simple❌ only applicable for selected countries

Since Qmee is only available for certain regions, not everyone will be able to enjoy its features, though.

Still, if you’re living somewhere in the USA or UK, Qmee is definitely an ideal GPT website for you to keep an eye on, especially if you’re a daily shopper!

Here’s one glowing customer review of Qmee:

“I have used Qmee for months now it is the easiest way to earn a quick $5.00 or more a day the app gives you surveys which pay different amounts that add up quickly then you cashout look forward to getting your PayPal payments from qmee in usually 1 minute most of the time 10 to 20 seconds that is overtime you cashout it is the fastest payments and best app I know of also there is no limit to how much you have to earn to cashout anyone wanting money try Qmee I promise you will love it.”

- Michael t. on Sitejabber

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4. Gamehag

Hardcore gamers rejoice!

For video game enthusiasts, Gamehag literally rewards you by just playing games while also completing tasks and milestones set daily.

There are also other ways for you to start collecting Gamehag’s currency, Soul Gems, by way of surveys, reviews, social media apps and etc., so you can always change up your habits whenever you feel like it.

Gamehag is a ton of fun, and certain details can be seen here:

  • 🌎 Location: Worldwide
  • 🚻 Minimum age: N/A
  • 🌐 Platform: Online website, mobile app
  • 💰 Average earning potential: $1 - $2 per hour
  • ♻️ Ways to earn: Playing games, answering surveys, logging into social media
  • 💳 Payout options: Gift cards, game codes, in-game skins, game currencies
  • 😊 Minimum payout: $5 (average)
  • 🚄 Average payment speed: 1-3 working days
  • 🎁 Sign-up bonus: N/A

If you enjoy playing games without question, then acquiring those Soul Gems can be extremely simple for you!

There are certain gives and takes that come from using Gamehag, though:

✅ enjoyable ways to earn rewards ❌ no cash payouts
✅ most tasks are profoundly easy❌ no cryptocurrency
✅ most tasks are profoundly easy ❌ low rewards outside of the video gaming space
✅ incentivizes gamers

It goes without saying that Gamehag is perfect for passionate gamers who are always stuck using their PCs or mobile phones every day.

For a second opinion, take a look at one user review here:

“I received 15 dollar visa card (1-10 dollar and 1-5 dollar), GTA 5(before it was free in epic games), formula 1 2015, free silver lions and other fun games. So I don’t think if it is scam. If you cannot use website, you cannot just say it is scam. I played some games (yeah many games are not so fun), rated articles and got so many soul gems. I am happy with this website. Thanks Gamehag for such amazing website.

1-What I wrote is truth, if you cannot use it is not my or Gamehag's problem

2-It is easy to be 3 levels if you don’t spam and help others in forums

3-I have not been offered to write this review

Have fun)))”

- Tural K. on Sitejabber

5. Cointiply

Although many GPT sites right now provide tons of different rewards for you to redeem, Cointiply is one that specifically grows your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Your cryptocurrency journey is aided by way of completing premium surveys, video-watching, and other easy practices and tasks.

Since cryptocurrency is a worthy long-term investment, Cointiply is a viable solution for you to create your own portfolio through simple clicks of the mouse button – or finger touches for mobile!

Here are certain details when opting for Cointiply:

  • 🌎 Location: Worldwide
  • 🚻 Minimum age: 13 years old
  • 🌐 Platform: Online website, mobile app
  • 💰 Average earning potential: $1 - $2 per hour
  • ♻️ Ways to earn: Participating in offers, completing surveys, playing games, watch advertisements, etc.
  • 💳 Payout options: Cryptocurrency only
  • 😊 Minimum payout: $3
  • 🚄 Average payment speed: 1-2 working days
  • 🎁 Sign-up bonus: N/A

If you’re an active earner, there are also different forms of incremental bonuses that you will enjoy here, and these will compound your cryptocurrency income significantly if you continue to earn and save for an extended period of time!

✅ variety of work/ earning options ❌ UI needs improvements and optimizations
✅ outstanding cryptocurrency referral system❌ no other reward options besides crypto
✅ consistent bonuses such as loyalty bonus and earning interest

Evidently, Cointiply is catered for interested people that wish to dip their toes into cryptocurrency with little to no commitments, and enjoy using some of their spare time doing tasks on the site.

However, this can be a good long-term endeavour, echoing this user’s comment:

“A company that explains, even to a novice, exactly what they need to do in order to earn cryptocurrency. Payouts are exactly as described. A wonderful app with an ease of use like no other. Thank you.”

- Lisa Ann Beechboard on TrustPilot

6. Swagbucks

A prominent GPT website throughout the years, Swagbucks continues to see high volumes of users logging into its website.

This is mostly due to its array of wonderful gift cards that favour Amazon and Steam, besides direct cash transfers in the form of Payoneer and PayPal conversions.

Amazon and Steam both have large followings and consumer bases due to their huge arrays of products and services, and you can easily nab some incredible gift cards from Swagbucks in order to get some nice discounts for both platforms – even getting items for completely free by using the gift cards themselves!

Below are some details that you should know about Swagbucks first:

  • 🌎 Location: Worldwide
  • 🚻 Minimum age: 13 years old
  • 🌐 Platform: Online website
  • 💰 Average earning potential: $1 - $5 per hour
  • ♻️ Ways to earn: Watch videos, participate in surveys, web browsing, etc.
  • 💳 Payout options: Cash transfer, gift cards
  • 😊 Minimum payout: $1
  • 🚄 Average payment speed: 1 – 10 working days
  • 🎁 Sign-up bonus: N/A

As mentioned earlier, you can also collect unbelievable amounts of cash by transferring them into your PayPal or Payoneer accounts if you’ve accumulated enough points – or SB in terms of Swagbucks’ currency – which can range from as little as $10 up to $252!

✅  variety of opportunities is satisfying ❌ receiving your payouts/ rewards can take some time
✅  a robust browser extension❌ no option to convert into cryptocurrency
✅  endless shopping cashbacks❌ a lot of low-paying tasks
✅  minimal payout requirement

There are lots of different ways for you to earn those SB, converted into real-world cash afterwards, so almost anyone is capable of making some pocket money with Swagbucks.

Nevertheless, consistent Amazon buyers and active Steam gamers are mostly the most benefitted here, due to the plethora of gift cards offered.

Here’s a nice user review that mirrors this sentiment:

“I love Swagbucks and have been using it for years to find great deals and earn gift cards. I never online shop without seeing if swag offers $$ back 😁”

- Christine on TrustPilot

7. PrizeRebel

You might have heard of PrizeRebel already, and that is why it definitely deserves a spot on this light today.

Occasionally, you can partake in some cool events and nab prizes hosted on the website itself, besides making a small income from its dedicated GPT options.

With hundreds of gift card rewards to opt for, PrizeRebel is suitable for anyone to use right now.

  • 🌎 Location: Worldwide
  • 🚻 Minimum age: 16 years old
  • 🌐 Platform: Online website, mobile app
  • 💰 Average earning potential: $1 - $2 per hour
  • ♻️ Ways to earn: Surveys, app downloads, completing offers
  • 💳 Payout options: Cash reward, store gift cards, video game points and codes
  • 😊 Minimum payout: $2 - $5
  • 🚄 Average payment speed: Instant/ 24 hours
  • 🎁 Sign-up bonus: N/A

PrizeRebel does have its misses, though, and you can refer to them here:

✅ massive amounts of gift card rewards & giveaways ❌ a number of surveys may pose high requirements
✅ a beneficial affiliate program❌ could use some cryptocurrency options
✅ quick response to payouts and customer complaints

PrizeRebel might not be for everyone, but if you are an avid online shopper, this site should definitely be up there amongst your favourites.

Here’s a happy customer giving his endorsements:

“They provide super easy, quality surveys at this site and the payouts are usually instantly paid out. I've been doing surveys at Prizerebel and couldn't be happier.”

- Daniel on Surveypolice

8. MyPoints

Additionally, MyPoints is also another supreme GPT website that offers awesome rewards for dedicated fans of online shopping too.

Almost every store, restaurant and cafe share gift cards and cashbacks for you to redeem by completing tasks with MyPoints, and if you’re always on the web browsing for stuff to buy, why not use the opportunity to start earning from the site as well!

MyPoints general overview can be seen here:

  • 🌎 Location: USA, Canada
  • 🚻 Minimum age: 16 years old
  • 🌐 Platform: Online website, mobile app
  • 💰 Average earning potential: $1 - $20
  • ♻️ Ways to earn: Online shopping cashbacks, sponsored surveys
  • 💳 Payout options: Store gift cards
  • 😊 Minimum payout: $5
  • 🚄 Average payment speed: 1 – 10 working days
  • 🎁 Sign-up bonus: Choice between a $10 Amazon gift card or $10 Visa gift card

MyPoints’ vast database of store rewards can certainly be a treasure trove for you if this website ticks all your checkboxes.

✅ easy to use app ❌ not available globally
✅ rewards your online shopping habits❌ no cash conversions or cryptocurrency options
✅ a pleasant way to make passive pocket money

As explored, MyPoints is mostly suited for heavy shoppers and foodies who love to enjoy some nice boons besides spending their monthly savings on products and services.

If you’re looking for a strong recommendation, read this positive customer comment right here:

“Not only do I LIKE MyPoints, and also have come to depend on it to use as mad money get my 'fun stuff'-- mostly buying amazon.com gift cards. The whole family uses the gift card balance, but it just gives me a little bit of wiggle room each month.

My best savings yet have been combining a Bath & Body Works gift card with their annual sale coupons and offers and got lots of $$$$'s knocked off my original total.”

- Betty S. on Sitejabber

9. Dollarsprout

DollarSprout has been making a name for itself throughout the Internet, and rightfully so.

This website – unlike all other GPT sites on this list – does not offer you any way or method of earning rewards, though.

In fact, what DollarSprout really does is that it channels you to other money-making sponsors and portals that can help you make an income from the sides; even going as far as providing you with recommendations and advices of creating your own business or applying for a part-time gig too!

DollarSprout might not be the ideal GPT site per say, but it does help guide you towards those that you might actually be looking for.

  • 🌎 Location: Worldwide
  • 🚻 Minimum age: N/A
  • 🌐 Platform: Online website
  • 💰 Average earning potential: N/A
  • ♻️ Ways to earn: Visiting proposed sites and affiliate programs, apply for online work, downloading apps, etc.
  • 💳 Payout options:  N/A
  • 😊 Minimum payout: N/A
  • 🚄 Average payment speed: N/A
  • 🎁 Sign-up bonus: Depends on the site that you are registering for

The site is completely free to browse through, and you have no obligations to sign up for anything unless you wish to register with its affiliates accordingly.

Here are some of its pros and cons at the moment:

✅ pairs you up with tons of different sites for you to make money ❌ does not offer its own dedicated earning platform
✅ has loads of references for you to learn about making an income❌ no rewards system
✅ partnered sponsors are legitimate businesses

DollarSprout could be quite useful for everyone today, even if you are already tied with another GPT website out there!

10. ySense

You can also try out ySense to diversify your side hustle as well, and the site is quite well-known right now.

For starters, not many other websites offer Reward Link, Skrill and Zalando rewards while also benefitting from such a lucrative referral program!

Other than that, there is also a moderated forum section where you can post about anything ySense-related, making some great contacts within the community too.

All this definitely proves ySense’s legitimacy within the business, and here is some nice information for you to learn about the site as well:

  • 🌎 Location: Worldwide
  • 🚻 Minimum age: 16 years old
  • 🌐 Platform:  Online website, mobile app
  • 💰 Average earning potential: $1 - $2 per hour
  • ♻️ Ways to earn: Filling up surveys and forms, app downloads, online purchases, referrals
  • 💳 Payout options: Cash transfer, store gift cards
  • 😊 Minimum payout: $3
  • 🚄 Average payment speed: 1 – 5 working days
  • 🎁 Sign-up bonus: N/A

You can spend your time earning small money by partaking in any of its provided methods respectively, but ySense does suffer a little in certain aspects as can be seen here:

✅ extra features like a browser plugin ❌ lacks cryptocurrency
✅ reputable stores and affiliates❌ rewards may take longer for users located outside of Western countries
✅ a committed forum section for users

For young students trying to make small amounts of easy bucks, ySense is a safe alternative for you explore right now.

Unconvinced yet?

Here’s what a satisfied member of ySense had to say:

“Ysense is a fun and easy way to earn points that can be exchanged for cash in your bank account or gift cards for your own use or to give to others. The surveys are fun and usually easy, and there are lots of offers for you to try.”

- Kathie Sorter on TrustPilot

11. Gain.GG

If you are looking for a proven, safe and trusted GPT online site, Gain.GG is a one of those that has been keeping its users happy by protecting them from fraudulent offers while also serving great rewards to redeem too.

The sponsors selected are quite expansive and varied, and you can directly link your Gain.GG account to your Steam profile in order to unlock some nice rewards as well.

Not many others do that!

Currently, here are the things that you need to know about Gain.GG:

  • 🌎 Location: Worldwide
  • 🚻 Minimum age: 13 years old
  • 🌐 Platform: Online website, mobile app
  • 💰 Average earning potential: $1 - $2 per hour
  • ♻️ Ways to earn: Partaking in offers, completing surveys, watching ads
  • 💳 Payout options: Direct cash, cryptocurrency, gift cards/ codes
  • 😊 Minimum payout: $0.01
  • 🚄 Average payment speed: Instant/ 24 hours
  • 🎁 Sign-up bonus: N/A

You can actively see other people earning their Coins almost every single minute, showing that Gain.GG is still a preferred platform that others use to make money daily.

There are certain highs and lows of this website, though:

✅ wonderfully low minimum payout❌ earnings are a bit hard to grow
✅ efficiently quick reward transactions❌ certain surveys and offers have minimum earning thresholds to partake in  
✅ possibly more cryptocurrency rewards than most others

Gain.GG is fitting for almost anyone to use, but due to its large selection of cryptocurrency options such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin, virtual miners would enjoy keeping their hands full here.

Want to hear some user feedback?

Here you go:

“Amazing website, absolutely one of the best GPT (get paid to) websites I've ever used. Once you are trusted which is a lot faster than most other sites might I add the withdrawals are instant. I haven't had any offers not credit me so far and I've earned close to 250 dollars in about 3 weeks. That's not bad for just doing tasks in my spare time. Give the site a try I’m sure you won't be disappointed.”

- Osama b noddin on TrustPilot

12. InboxDollars

Probably amongst the highest-paying GPT sites right now, InboxDollars is a prime platform for you to visit in order to make pocket money through premium sponsors and offers unlike any other.

However, you still need to work hard in order to see any honest outcome, though, but with its proven track record and plethora of ways for you to start earning, this might not be a big problem at all!

A few things to note about InboxDollars, though:

  • 🌎 Location: USA
  • 🚻 Minimum age: 18 years old
  • 🌐 Platform: Online website, mobile app
  • 💰 Average earning potential: $1 - $2 per hour
  • ♻️ Ways to earn: Filling up surveys, completing daily tasks, watching videos, playing mini-games, online shopping, etc.
  • 💳 Payout options: Cash conversion, various gift cards,
  • 😊 Minimum payout: $30
  • 🚄 Average payment speed: 1 – 2 working days
  • 🎁 Sign-up bonus: $5 bonus

Some activities are genuinely fun and enjoyable, but it all depends on your habits and preferences as well.

A few pros and cons of InboxDollars have been listed briefly here:

✅ earn cash directly (not website points) ❌ high minimum payout
✅ payout transactions are quite quick and easy❌ not available outside of the USA
✅ methods of earning are quite varied and expansive

Any young adult can already register for an account with InboxDollars right now – as long as they’re native to the USA - and here’s a general review from one of the site’s members:

“I love InboxDollars. I've been annoyed at times by the offers not instant, but they do go through. I've actually made hundreds of dollars of this site and cashed out on it. Customer support answers in a timely manner. I prefer the online link over the app. The setup is easy to understand and navigate. Earns from various offers and other apps is a bonus. Companies I never heard of, I'm able to explore and earn money. 100% recommend this company.”

- Lacey on SiteJabber

13. Idle-Empire

Tied with Freecash in terms of highest score of average user reviews on Trustpilot, Idle-Empire has come a long way towards making itself a popular choice for everyone all over the world.

Understanding the importance of simple workflows and minimalistic UI clutter, Idle-Empire’s straightforward and basic website layout (as well as mobile app) helps tremendously in guiding you through all the ways to make money while also keeping you invested for longer.

You can find certain details about Idle-Empire right here:

  • 🌎 Location: Worldwide
  • 🚻 Minimum age: 13 years old
  • 🌐 Platform: Online website
  • 💰 Average earning potential: $1 - $3 per hour
  • ♻️ Ways to earn: Partaking in surveys, completing offers, joining online stores, watching videos and advertisements, referral program
  • 💳 Payout options: Direct cash, cryptocurrency, store gift cards
  • 😊 Minimum payout: $0.01 to $3 (depending on reward)
  • 🚄 Average payment speed: Instant/ 24 hours
  • 🎁 Sign-up bonus: Free 500 Credits

There are numerous forms of money-making practices offered here, and the rewards section is teeming with great options that you would definitely not want to miss out on!

Besides that, the low minimum payout requirement is also a massive boost, letting you earn cash the same day after registering as well.

Still, there are certain pros and cons to Idle-Empire too:

✅ both website and app are streamlined and easy to use ❌ earnings might not be high
✅ payout withdrawals are very low❌ restrictive bonuses or mediocre features
✅ tons of exciting reward options

If you’re just starting out on a side hustle, Idle-Empire can be one of your most trusted sources for you to start collecting income today.

One of the best feedbacks about Idle-Empire can be seen here:

“Best site I have used. For those review that say they don’t pay. Well they have done something wrong when filling out the surveys, by being dishonest moving too fast or answering a trap question wrong.. I’ve been paid $100's from them on time every time. Don’t abuse the systems and you will profit. I will admit at the start I did that same as most. Take your time read everything and enjoy making products and service better for all. 100% trusted site that I would recommend giving a try as you can make a great passive income. Video proof on YouTube @ Gvids”

- Gvids “Greger G Spot” on TrustPilot

⚠️ Read also: How to get Free iTunes Gift Cards

How did the Best GPT Sites get selected?

In order to compile today’s list, we didn’t simply select any GPT site on the market right away.

Each GPT site was screened – including Freecash – according to a few delicate criteria:

  • 🔥 Trustworthiness - The GPT website must be able to provide a respectable user review score from reputable sources such as Trustpilot, SurveyPolice or Sitejabber.
  • 👤 Dedicated users - Chosen sites must have already acquired a significant number of members to prove that they have a big presence within the market.
  • 💰 Options to earn money - GPT sites are also chosen based on their methods provided (surveys, videos, etc.) for you to start earning money as much and as quickly as possible.
  • 💸 Types of rewards - A big catalogue of proven rewards will justify that the GPT site is capable of catering for a majority of its target audiences.
  • 🔓 Accessibility - The ease of accessing your account will also be factored in as well, to validate that the selected GPT site is simple to use and workable from any part of the world.

Not every website is able to meet all expectations, but on average, most of them on this list have managed to convince us enough to warrant their inclusion.

Try them all out and see which one fits your fancy!

If you ask us, Freecash is undoubtedly the best one for you right now, so sign up with us today!

Are GPT Websites Legit?


There are various questions that usually crop up inside most people’s minds when it comes to GPT platforms, such as “What is a GPT Site?” or “How Much Can You Earn from GPT Sites?”.

Well, if you’re wondering whether these sites are perfectly safe to visit, they are actually legal businesses that help other small-to-medium companies (and even big firms!) to reach a wider target audience by way of the paid surveys, video advertisements and even mini-games too.

You can always read user reviews regarding each GPT website first, and some popular sites that mostly cover them include Trustpilot, SurveyPolice and Sitejabber.

Freecash is one of the safest GPT websites available today, so you are always free to earn money from us any time, any day!

Useful Tips on using the Best GPT Sites / Apps

Making a set amount of cash every week via GPT sites is a relatively straightforward endeavour; you simply have to complete the tasks or activities presented to you on the website, and the money is all yours!

However, most people take this for granted, and this leads them to earning miniscule income at the end of each month.

To avoid this ‘trap’, here are a few tips for you to consider before starting out on your own side-income gig:

  • 🟢 Always be wary of sharing credit card information for surveys and online offers
  • 🟢 Check your email’s ‘Spam’ folder in case you are missing an important email or link
  • 🟢 Keep your referral code close by – maybe even memorizing it – because you might need it when recommending GPT sites to your friends and relatives
  • 🟢 Frequently cash out your rewards to avoid any problems that may arise sometime in the future!
  • 🟢 Follow up on the GPT site’s social media accounts daily to catch up on any incredible codes or giveaways
  • 🟢 Make screenshots of your completed works (surveys, purchases, advertisements, etc.) to use as backup during certain issues/ emergencies
  • 🟢 Register yourself with multiple GPT sites to maximize your potential daily income!
  • 🟢 Whenever you’re shopping online, always shop through GPT sites first to observe any potential rewards (cashbacks, etc.)

Practice these out for yourselves, and see your money grow in just a short amount of time!

Ways to Get Paid from GPT Sites

By now, you should already have a general idea of how to earn instant cash from our selected websites, especially GPT sites with no minimum payout out there!

Nevertheless, just to summarize it all again, these are the main ways for you to get paid using GPT sites right now:

  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Get Paid to Participate in Focus Groups
    • You can make some money by actively participating in any chosen groups on social media or the Internet.
  • 🗄️ Get Paid to take Surveys
    • Just filling up surveys can also net you direct cash straight into your account.
  • 🖱️ Get Paid to Click Ads
    • Sponsors actually want you to click on their online advertisements to spread awareness and improve chances of buying, and you are actually compensated for it.
  • 🏪 Get Paid to Shop
    • Buying anything online can also reward you with nice cashbacks that can be used for future buying too, besides points for swift cash payments as well.
  • 🎮 Get Paid to Play Games
    • Playing many different mini-games can both help the developers to improve chances of consumers paying for their products, and quickly help you earn small profit just by practically having fun.
  • 📺 Get Paid to Watch Videos
    • Certain sites also pay you for literally watching videos although the content may range depending on sponsors.
  • 📧 Get Paid to Read Emails
    • If you’re wondering about how to finish reading all your unread emails, there are actually real companies out there that literally pay you to do so.

There could be other ways for you start collecting cash from other GPT sites too, so you are always encouraged to explore your choices by visiting their respective websites accordingly.

Want to avoid all the hassle?

Freecash has everything that you need, all in one place!

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

All these GPT sites provide legitimate ways for you to make quality pocket money without even leaving the house, but you need to understand that they are not quick-rich schemes unlike those scams that you can find littered throughout the entire cyberspace.

If you really want your time spent on these wonderful websites to be fruitful, then hard work and persistence are what you need in order to fully see a difference in the long run.

Every cent that you make might not seem like much during the first time around, but once they are accumulated for a period of time, you will be surprised at how much money you might end up saving just by focusing on your ‘grind’!

Stop wasting time now and sign up with Freecash right away!


How Do GPT Sites Make Money?

GPT sites usually make revenue through payments made by sponsors or third-party companies that pay according to the number of people visiting their websites, platforms and apps.

There are also other ways for GPT sites to profit from such arrangements as well, but these vary depending on circumstances.

Do GPT sites sell personal data?

As per regulations, GPT sites are NOT permitted to sell any of your personal data to other companies and websites.

However, any personal data that is given directly to third-party companies will not be under the responsibility of the GPT websites respectively, so you should always consider this before inputting any requested information through the Internet.

Who Can Use GPT Sites or Apps?

Generally, only individuals aged 13 years old and older are allowed to earn money and partake in the activities offered by GPT sites and apps.

Nevertheless, some GPT websites adhere to stricter rules and protocols, so this may differ depending on the site and country of business.

How to automate GPT sites?

Right now, automation activities are strictly PROHIBITED by GPT sites to avoid unfair advantages against all users.

If you are found to have automated processes in place, you can be permanently banned and certain GPT sites may share this info with other GPT sites too (under the same parent company).

How to effectively use GPT sites?

The effective ways of using GPT websites depends entirely on the individual and their personal time-management skills.

Ideally, you should create a customized daily schedule to follow in order to optimize your daily earning potential from dedicated GPT websites, especially if you are working on a couple of them throughout the same day!


  • Sign up on Freecash
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  • Choose an offer
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  • Read task description and 
    complete the task
    Now you can read the task description and go through every step one by one. When every required step is completed you will get credited your payment for this task.

  • Cashout the money
    When having enough coins you can go to "Cashout". Here you can choose from many methods to convert your coins to Cash, Gift cards, Bitcoin & more that you can use right away.
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  • Sign up on Freecash
    There is over 10,000,000 website visitors every month and over 14000 five start ratings on Trustpilot. People from all over the world trust Freecash.
  • Choose an offer
    In order to start earning money for free, you need to go to the “Earn” page. On the earn page you will have plenty of tasks that you can complete. Choose your desired one.
  • Read task description and complete the task
    Now you can read the task description and go through every step one by one. When every required step is completed you will get credited your payment for this task.
  • Cashout the money
    When having enough coins you can go to "Cashout". Here you can choose from many methods to convert your coins to Cash, Gift cards, Bitcoin & more that you can use right away.
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