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January 7, 2022

Student Side Hustles That Actually Pay Off: Your Ticket to Financial Freedom

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First of all, if you're a teenager at a young age and you're crawling websites trying to find new ways to make money online, your head's in the right place - good job!

With career uncertainties and college expenses looming, it's pretty smart to get a headstart in the job world and find a good starting point to begin making some extra cash via a few side hustles for teens that pay good money.

Best side hustles for students.

The good news is, there are actually loads of options for you, whether it be dog walking, pet sitting, becoming a social media manager, starting your own pool cleaning service, or even taking paid surveys - your choices are endless. Time to make more money and save money too!

#1 - Chores On Overdrive

This one won't work for every single household, but you can definitely try it.

Here's the idea: your parents are busy people and usually are nagging you to get chores done anyway, so why not put those two things together?

Instead of doing the bare minimum (or even less than that) give your parents an offer they can't refuse, offer to handle ALL the chores around the house in your spare time every month - the cooking, the cleaning, the garden you name it - and in exchange, they pay you for your hard work.

#2 - Helping Out The Neighborhood

Parents not cooperating? Another good option regarding side hustles for teens is...

Start a service where you become a little handyman doing odd jobs for your neighbors in your spare time!

Whether it be cleaning their pools, washing their cars, mowing their lawns, pet sitting, being a house sitter, offering window cleaning services, and so on.

We guarantee this is an excellent way to make a few extra bucks, and you can even get creative with your offers, like going around every house the day after Halloween and offering to clean all the eggs off their front porch!

#3 - Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are great hustles for teens and a great way to make extra cash. Think about it, you can teach pretty much every subject you have in school to someone who's 4 years younger than you, and if you can't, that's a big problem for your grades!

Jokes aside, every teen can do this, and you can rack up a good reputation in the process and potentially turn this into your own business to make you a whole lot of extra cash.

A good way to get creative with this one is to offer music lessons, basketball lessons, or anything you're interested in.

All your hobbies can become money-making hobbies!

#4 - Time For A Yard Sale

Believe it or not, This is arguably the best option to make extra money on our list.
Attending a yard sale is a great way to start your journey flipping. Flipping is a method of acquiring an item and then flipping it for a higher price online.

There are loads of garage sales around the country, and if you do your research on eBay. Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, you can find a few absolute steals in yard sales like old comic books or old toys that are worth a lot more than they're being sold for.

#5 - Pet Sitting!

Pet sitting job.
One of the best side hustles for teens to make extra cash is offering pet owners a dog walking service.

If you sign up with Wag! you can make a whole load of extra cash using this side hustle.

A dog walking service is great because it's not too difficult, and you can again build up your reputation with pet owners to start charging more and making extra money with your side hustle.

Believe it or not, this option pays good money, and it might even become your part-time job if you take it seriously and do it during your free time.

Also, the best part is that if you're pet sitting, not walking, you get to work on making money online while you get paid to watch a dog that's cuddled up beside you.

#6 - Be A Virtual Assistant

When it comes to side hustles for teens, this is yet another option that can make you a few dollars and help you earn money to save money for college.

Being a virtual assistant isn't as hard as you might think. It could even help give you some essential experience you might need to develop other careers, such as freelance writing or becoming a social media manager.

Doing freelance writing, or being a social media manager, or a virtual assistant all have one thing in common - and that's working on your own hours and so your own schedule.

That's what makes this one of the more favorable side hustles for teens.

Afraid you don't have freelance writer skills? Take an online course! An online course will teach you everything you need to know to make more money and turn one of your money-making hobbies into a serious money-making online business.

#7 - Online Surveys

Here's a fun side hustle, why not make extra money online via paid surveys?

This is an easy way to make extra money online and help you to earn money in a more consistent way. It's also super easy for your mind, not like doing a long school assignment!

Many online survey sites can help you do this side hustle, like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, SurveyJunkie, and our favourite FreeCash!

Complete online surveys for money.

You'll find online surveys galore on these websites that will help you make extra money online at minimal effort and send extra money straight to your bank account.

You might even get some free stuff in the process, like free gift cards to local businesses/coupons to shop online. Who doesn't love free stuff?

#8 - Become A Youtuber

One of the final side hustles for teens that we have for you today is a side hustle known as being an influencer!

There are loads of ways to start making money as an influencer, one way might be to create a youtube channel and start creating youtube videos.

We all love youtube, so why not create a youtube channel?

Find something you're truly passionate about, and start creating your social media presence online to help you make more money online. 

Pro tip - it really happens to create content about things you truly enjoy, because that way when things get hard you will always stay consistent because you actually enjoy the content that you're creating!

What's better? You can earn money a number of different ways.

You can earn money from AdSense, you can earn money from sponsors, you can earn money from collaborations, and you can even earn money creating videos for other people!

You can even promote your content on all your other social media platforms, helping you grow your own youtube channel at a faster rate.

That's a whole lot of ways to make extra money, and we didn't even name them all…

#9 - Play Video Games

If you're a teen, being able to play video games to make money probably sounds like a dream come true, but it's actually a real thing!

Not only can you get paid as a game tester and make more money that way, but you can also play games or get paid for various different activities with online sites like FreeCash.

This is yet another fantastic side hustle for teens which you'll be able to do in your free time to generate extra money for your bank account.

These types of websites are a super effective way for teens to make more money!

So, now you see that side hustles for teens are abundant, and young people making extra money isn't as hard as you might think.

Extra money is all over the place as long as you have the desire to make extra money.

It's all about how committed you are to your side hustle.

Remember, any side hustle can become a full-time business if you put in the work.

There are also a load of side hustles for teens we didn't mention here today, sure we mentioned freelance writing in your free time or becoming a social media manager or growing social media accounts, but you could also become a camp counselor or get a part-time job at local fast food restaurants, or deliver food, or even sell stock photos online!

Good luck, and stay tuned for more money-making tips!



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