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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that currently holds the highest market capitalization. While US-Dollar is referred to USD when you talk about account balance, Bitcoin is called BTC (one Bitcoin = 1 BTC). Bitcoin is limited to only 21 million coins which is why many investors hope that the price will go up, because the supply is so limited. Bitcoin transactions are processed and confirmed by many other computers to make sure that the transaction is correct and doesn't involve any fraudulent activity. There is no company, no bank and no government that could stop a Bitcoin transaction. Also the fees for a Bitcoin transaction are really low, which is why you can send huge amounts of money without losing too much.

Over the last couple of years, Bitcoin went from 300€ (2015) to over 9000€ (2020). Bitcoin is called the "digital gold", similar to oil which is called "black gold". Popular sites to buy Bitcoin are Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, Bitpanda and Bitfinex. We suggest everyone that is new to Crypto to use Coinbase because it is really easy to use for new users and it can be used in the US and Europe and many other countries.

Earn Free Bitcoin is the easiest way to earn free Bitcoin. You can complete surveys, watch videos or download apps to earn coins. Some offers require a mobile phone, some offers can be done on your PC. After you earned enough coins to withdraw, you can navigate to the withdraw section, click the Bitcoin Button and withdraw directly to a BTC address or to your coinbase e-mail.

Just follow the instructions below and start earning coins to withdraw free Bitcoin!

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Login through our site

To earn free bitcoin, you first need to make an account on our website.
This can be done by simply logging in with Google or Steam
and accepting the terms of service.

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Complete offers to earn coins

Now you can open the Earn Page and complete offers.
We recommend the offers at the top of the page.
For some offers, you need to test out games and reach a certain level in order to get credited.
Below the featured offers you can find a variety of other offers and surveys that will give you additional coins.

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Withdraw Bitcoin for free

After you have earned some coins you can click on "Shop".
You can now enter your bitcoin address or coinbase email and choose how many coins you want to withdraw.
We charge no fees on coinbase withdrawals, and your bitcoin will arrive within several minutes.

Install this web app on your Iphone: tap and then Add to homescreen.